“That’s not a stab at Michael.”    Another quote from Eminem’s song Just Lose It.

I feel very passionate about Michael Jackson. Not like “ooooh I want him.” No, his music is so awesome and he is the King of Pop. So how could anybody think him bad. I know that’s not really a great excuse. I mean mega- movie stars do drugs and go to jail. So why couldn’t M. J. have done that to little boys. I’ll tell you why!

If you know anything about M.J. you would know what a horrific childhood he had. His dad told him he was ugly and he wasn’t too nice either. Personally I don’t M.J. ever grew up. He still has the mentality of a seven year old. All his life he has sung and performed to try to please his dad and do you think his dad is proud of him. Probaly somewhere deep down in his heart but do you think he ever told M.J.? I doubt it.

So I think M.J. finally said “who cares! I’m going to do what I want to do.” This statement (which is not an actual quote) might have been said after he was excommunicated from his church for doing the Thriller video! Look at where he lives: Neverland. How can you say he’s capable of molesting kids when he practicaly lives in Disneyworld. He doesn’t understand those things, I’m sure. He’s just a big kid.

Having said that, everytime he gets accused of doing something nobody listens to his side of the story. If you would you know that the parents of these kids let them stay at M.J. ranch and spend the night. THE PARENTS LET THEM STAY. If you have a kid and someones been accused previously of child molesting would you let them stay. If it’s M.J. I would. Because he didn’t do it!

Here M.J. is being soooo kind to these kids letting them come and play with him at Neverland and the parents go and accuse him of doing horrendous things! All they want is money. Is our world that bad that we have to accuse innocent people of doing bad things so we can get our fifteen minutes of fame and few million? How crazy is that. Anywho…..got any questions about this just ask away. I think everyone knows how passionate I am about this.

Well thanks for reading. Only if you read all of it am I thankful to you!
Love You ALL


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  1. I’m sorry Holly but MJ is downright wierd. It just doesn’t get any wierder. Even if he didn’t do those things. He dresses like a woman and looks like a woman. That is wierd.Badger

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