“Just Lose It!”  Have you guys heard this song? Have you seen the video? Well if you haven’t and you like Eminem you should definately try to listen to it. I think it’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen the video your missing out on classic Eminem antics. If you’ve seen it, is it not the funniest yet?

I’m watching Eminem’s best MTV moments. It’s pretty good. Mady’s taking a nap. Well she’s supposed to be but I just heard her talking to herself. I’ll have to go in there and tell her to go to sleep. Yeah Right! Like she’ll listen to me! I have to go pick up Taylar later and I know that’s exactly when Mady will fall asleep. When I have to pick her up and carry her to Taylars classroom and back to the car. What fun!

Last night I spent the night at Javiers and Joannes house so I could watch the girls this morning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have kids, man. Mady woke up at three this morning and didn’t go back to sleep. I could her talking and playing and it was quite hard to fall back asleep. And with John(who also spent the night) snoring it was even more harder to sleep!

Now guys you know how tall I am and how tall John is right? Well let me ask you something. Do you think John should get to sleep on the big couch or little couch? I make him sleep on the little one and he thinks that he should get the big couch. Could somebody tell him that he is shorter than me and I need more room! Thanks! Another note on John…..This “friend” still has not gone jogging with me. Just wanted to add that in.

Did you guys read Candy’s xanga. Copying off of the Rock. Can you believe it? Anywho….. I love You ALL


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