I think it was Nils or Brock who said that I use “lean back” all the time. You are such a loser….whichever one said that! So today I will change my saying to a movie instead of a song. In honor of Candy: “Are you riding the white pony?” And since I’ve thought of another one here it goes: “This is the part of my job I hate the most.” “Expulsion?!?” “No silly, I’m gonna up your meds!”
If you don’t know what that is from ask Candy because she knows.

This morning I got out of bed at six thirty for a friend. A horrible friend who cannot tell time. Let me back up. I get up, normally, at six twenty to go jogging. But on this particular day my “friend” told me that they wanted to go jogging with me so I got up a smigden earlier so I could be out there waiting for them. Now do you think this “friend” showed up? Well of course not! Me and Brooke waited and waited and finally we decided to jog without this “friend.” Once we got back our “friend” was waiting for us in our driveway claiming that they must’ve just missed us. WHATEVER! No excuse will we believe! (I’m trying backward talk in honor of Star Wars on DVD.) Anywho…..we’ll try again another day and see if our “friend” is serious about wanting to exercise.

I’m getting really excited and scared about getting married. Since 7/8ths of my friends are not married I guess you can’t really give me advice on that. If it’s normal or not. I mean I am totally excited about getting married. But I’m totally scared about moving away and stuff. When I lived in Indiana and my mom lived in Haiti and then in Florida I would like write her every day. I think I’m going to be very homesick but Candy and Christina are going to come visit me. Or so they say!

Well today is the great Kate’s birthday. I guess I really don’t have to say anything “great” about her since she doesn’t have a xanga. (Kate if your reading this: I love you!!) Just kidding. I mean about the not having anything great to say. Not the “I love you” part! Seriously. I’m not kidding. I mean I am but I’m not. Heehee.

I love You ALL
Peace out my homies (Yo-yo)


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