“Lean Back……Lean Back……” When you guys sing this song along with the radio do you actually lean back? Candy and I do. It’s quite funny. Because if you’ve seen the video the big fat guy (who is so well named) leans back I picture him everytime we “lean back.”

Youth group was last night. I wanted everybody to see our Dodge Magnum but mom was late and everyone had just sat down so nobody saw it except Kyle Murray! We still have it today and we should have the truck by tonight. Hopefully. I’m getting sick of hearing mom say “be careful……don’t get into any wrecks!”

Rock the Universe is coming and I am soooo excited. For those of you who are going, yeah! For those of you are not: So Sorry. Tickets this year were crazy. The prices were so high. Of course we didn’t have to pay the whole price but if you buy them at the door there forty one dollars! Can you believe that? Crazy isn’t it?

I’m reading this book by Heather Graham, who is not a Christian. It’s called Presence. I would not recomend this book because she is not a Christian and she has scenes in here that I have to skip through. It’s horrible. It doesn’t really keep your interest. I’m ready to drop it but I can’t do that. Did you all read Candy’s log today about books. I want everyone to know that I wanted to read that blasted Henry James book months ago but noooooooo, she had to take forever reading it. I just wanted to share that with everyone!!

Candace is giving me high fives the library and she’s talking about donkeys. I think she may be riding the “white pony!”

I guess that’s it. Yesterday I wrote quite a bit but the library computer totally screwed it up so I had to start all over and I was so mad that I didn’t write very much. Crazy world we live in isn’t it?

Well I love you all


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  1. You know what!?!?! If you were really interested in the book you could of read it! And “high fives the library”. Its high fives AT the library!!! Whos riding the white pony now?!?!??!?!?!

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