“I’m soooooo excited… I just can’t hide it.”    You will never believe this. Well actually if your a girl and you went to CIY you will guess this. Anywho…I am finally getting married. Andres is filling out paperwork to come down here and marry me. It probaly won’t be for a month or maybe one and a half months but I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!! I have this huge smile on my face that will not leave!
     Right now I’m thinking that we’ll just get married on the beach of Clearwater because that is where the minister I want to marry me lives. I can’t wait. I think tomorrow Candy and I will start looking at some dresses.

Man alive….you guys are talking about nothing else but hurricaine Charley. Snaps to John for spelling it right! We just lost about three shingles and some sofets. I had a big hurricaine party. We had John, Drew, Kate and Nils over. Nils could only stay over for the night but John, Drew and Kate stayed two nights. I thought it was a blast. We pulled all our mattresses into the living room and we all slept in there. It was fun. At least to me it was.

Did I tell you guys I’m getting married? Well I am. Yeah that’s right…..I am.

My mom’s building got condemed so Ron(her boss) moved to the Executive offices by the Osceola Square Mall. There not too bad. In the old building the roof was all torn up by Charley and they had to tear the whole thing down. The ceiling…not the building.

I bought the Grits CD awhile ago and I cannot stop listening to it. I love it. I also got the CD of Apologetix. There a parody band. We heard some of there music at CIY from Phil C. If you guys ever need some good Christian music you should go to Long Christian Book Store on Edgewater. (If you need directions or a really cool friend to go call me!)

Well I need to go pick up my mom and take her somewhere and then Candy and I are going to UNO’s to get some lunch and then she has to go to work! Love You All

P.S. I’m getting married!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Holly that is so awesome. Im so happy that he finally is going to be allowed to come down here and take care of buisness. I pray that everything will go out right, and I BETTER BE INVITED TO THE WEDDING, OR SOMEONE IS GETTING DONKEY PUNCHED!!! lol
    love ya,

  2. OMGOSH!!!!!!!!
    CONGRADULATIONS I am sooooooooo incredibly happy for u…… I hope u and ur future hubby have such an awesome life together, because u deserve it.
    luv ya diana
    p.s r u gonna invite ur favorite jew to the wedding…

  3. Congratulations on your engagement! I visited your site from pianokeeyz’s site. I got married May 8 of this year and I can feel your excitement when I read your last post. I am very excited for you even though we don’t know each other. Good luck dress shopping. I went to Demetrios and the people there were amazing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you are finally getting married becuase I remember how  much you were saying thats what you wanted at CIY!!!!! I will miss you so much though. It wont be the same going out to lunch and stuff cause holly wont be there. I hope you and your hubby have a GREAT life!!!! Dont forget to come back and visit us sometimes you know. lol. i LOVE u!!!!!!

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