“Hold your money…..” I think that’s what they say. Maybe not. Who knows? It’s a spanish song. Candy and I sing this variable to it.

Well today I went to the mall with Candy. We were going to go to Long’s Christian Book Store but it was taking too long and she had to go to work. So at the mall I got an application for New York and Company. A store I have never, ever shopped at. Well I take that back. My surrogate mom bought me a shirt from there. A blue one. I still have it actually. Wow, I got it in ’00. Can you believe that?

Yesterday on the way to take Candy to work and pick mom up from her’s we saw a bus on fire. Have you guys heard about it? It was on Montery and the flames were sooooo cool to watch. We probaly watched it for about ten minutes. On the way home with mom the fire was out and the news crew was there. They had the road blocked because the news crew had to get their shot. Seriously! So we waited until they opened it up.

I am almost done with Clear and Present Danger. I think we(PCC youth) should start a book club. I guess the book would have to be Christian. Anywho….I can’t wait till I’m done. I think I’m going to check out a book today. Maybe, maybe not!

I guess that’s it for today. I love you ALL.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey!! Just wanted to say hey and that I love you. I know this may sound funny, but, if you ever need anyone to tlak to, I will be here for oyu. Feel free to call me at 407-932-4855 (house) 407-346-7581 (cell) or email me at bandgeekchik15@aol.com or leave me a comment or pull me aside on Sunday or Wednesday. Stay safe from the storm!!!! love always Stef

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey Heidi it’s Lucie
    The reason that I was down in Haiti is cause I’m from there. You’re brother goes to FCC right? I remember him tell me that he used to live there.

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