“You don’t own me…….” It’s from a song in First Wives Club. I watched that today at Javiers. I remember when that movie came out. No, I didn’t see it in the theaters because I was living in Haiti then. Someone sent it to us when it came out on video. (DVD hadn’t come out yet!)

I got an email from Andres today. I hadn’t heard from him in two weeks. I did know that he was going to Sweden and all that but I was starting to get nervous. See as soon as I got back from CIY I wrote him and told him that I thought he should get baptized if he believed all the things that he said he believed in. So at first I kinda thought he wasn’t writing because of that or the fact that he didn’t like me anymore. But lo and behold and he was actually busy. (His unit is pulling guard duty and that sucks.) Now he is doing some thinking about my email and hopefully(and I could use all the prayers I can get) he will listen to God.

I’m still reading Clear and Present Danger. It’s not bad. I’m 3/4 of the way through. I can’t wait till I am done. See this book is about so many things I’m getting confused. What I found so incredibly awesome is that Tom Clancy (the author) has never been in the armed services but he has done such extensive research that the U.S. government seeks him out for advice and such. Isn’t that cool? Anywho….Ding Chavez is in this book and if you’ve ever played Rainbow 6 than you know who I mean. If you haven’t you are a complete loser who knows nothing and doesn’t have a very good life! This book’s all the back story and playing the game is like cool now because you can understand things a little better.

Today when I get home I have to do my laundry. It has been piling up for a week and I need some clean clothes. I love doing laundry. I love puting things in the washer and even into the dryer. It’s just the folding that I hate. I kinda need to clean my room too. It’s not really messy but I need to go through stuff and throw things out. I have entirely too much stuff for my own good. Wow! I can not believe I just wrote that!

I’m gonna get off this site and go and google myself!
I love You ALL



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