“The Magical Mr. Mistofolees!”   Quite possibly the best part of CATS is when that magnificent cat comes out and does his number! Wonderful. You should see his before picture…….So that’s my quote for today. I was debating on putting Dance in the River but Candy(who is sick) and I are watching.

So much to talk about CIY……
I’ll start on Saturday because that’s what day it really started for me. Adam, me and Candy woke up at eight and left for Javiers to help him with his moving. We finished around eleven thirty am and we went to pick up the Expeditions and took them to his Catherine St. home. We then packed some more and Javier left to go to his bro’s wedding. Kate had come over by then, so had John but he had to go to work, but anywho…..we went back to Poinciana to take Kate’s van back and to pick up our stuff. So we got Kate and picked up Andrew, grabbed all our bags and took Candace to work. Kate, Andrew, me and Adam went out to eat at UNO’s where I spilt Kate’s coke on me and then we went shopping for my sandals. After that we went back to the Catherine St. home and waited for mom and dad to pick up the truck. John came over with Candy later at twelve thirty and then everyone went to bed.
     The next morning we all woke up at five thirty because Javier said that he would be at the house at six. He had all the keys to the SUV’s so we had to wait for him. He didn’t get there till almost six thirty. We made it to the church uneventfully; I drove the U-Haul!

Well everyone piled into the vehicles and we left. I had all girls and Nils! It rocked! Awesome trip for me. Woodstock was interesting. I don’t know why they thought we were awesome?!?

Monday was pretty groovy. First day usually is. Aaron Pelsue band was good. We sang Everlasting Love that night and that was great. I thought very highly of the band then.

Tuesday: not bad. Worship and Encounter time was great. This year rocks way more than last year(for more reasons than everyone knows!) I am so psyched to be there. Is this the day the massive flood comes? Well if it is you all know about it so I wont explain. If you don’t know; email me!

Wednesday. I think this is the day of the flood but anywho…..I didn’t go to elective today because we had our general session and I went to lunch with Javier and Anna. I like the Phil Chalmers guy. Didn’t totally agree with everything.(If I have my days mixed up…who cares!)

Thursday was a fun day. We went to Applebees as a whole group. We had to sit in the smoking section. That sucked because there were some people there smoking. I have realized by this point that Anna and I have quite a deal in common. I had noooooo idea. Strange. “I love lamp!”

Friday was a sleepy day. Right after lunch I hit the sack. Javier told me to be up by supper which was at five. So I was up and ready at five. I call Javier two or three times and he is not ready…..he’s still sleeping! So at SIX pm he comes over and picks up all our stuff and we go to Arbys. I’m actually kinda tired. We go to worship and have an awesome time watching Javier imitate Aaron dancing. His time was another re-enactment of worship. We then all go to Dairy Queen where stupid Holly get’s a blizzard; which she knows will make her sick.

Early Saturday morning would find me calling Javier that I have to go to the bathroom because of that blasted blizzard(sorry Ryan D.). So we all stop and then we all go. At four am I call Javier again and tell him that I have to go to sleep so we pull over at a rest area and park where the trucks park. We take an hour power nap and I feel great again. Stephanie switched spots with Kate and I make her talk to me. Everytime I start blinking I yelled at Steph “talk to me!” We made it. I think the funniest part was when we pulled over at the toll booth and went to the bathroom and Javier tried to leave without Keli! That was funny.
Once we got back to the church, me, Javier, Candy, Adam, John and my mom and Joanne had to wait for everyone to leave and then we had to take the trailer back. And then we had to go all the way past Celebration to take the trucks back. We got there and then they had to go to fill the trucks up with gas. We waited for what seemed like an eternity for them to get back and then our truck went to Wendy’s to eat. After that Candy and I, who were sitting up front fell asleep sporadically! Adam and John, who were in back, I’m sure fell asleep. Once we got home I made my bed with my dirty, smelly sheets and I fell asleep. This was about one pm. Then I woke up around eleven thirty and I had to go to the bathroom. I went directly to sleep and woke up at eight am on Sunday am!!!!!    That’s eighteen hours of sleep! Is that not awesome?

Now I’m watching CATS with Candy who is still sick.
I’m going to work tomorrow so I can’t wait to see Mady again. She looks so big to me now. It’s crazy how big they get so fast and she’s not even mine. I love her!
I love you all (and I mean it!)



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  1. Fun Fun! Are you and Drew married yet?  Just kidding…really. I can’t wait to go to CIY next year, this year they already had a missions trip planned for Savannah.  Not nearly as cool as CIY.  yeah for Everlasting Love…that song makes me feel like I have carpal tunnel when I play it on piano.  Love ya-

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