Today’s quote I feel has to go back to “Aicha.” “She moves, she moves like a breeze!”

 Today really flew by for me. I was watching Mady and it was like three o’clock before I realized it. Javier walked in the door and sat down and I was like “are you home?” He was like yeah, it’s three and I was like wow! It was interesting for me because usually the days drag on and on. Not that Mady is not the best and most wonderfulest little girl.

CIY is only a week from Sunday. Can you believe it? I cannot. I’m excited and nervous because last year was like a bummer year for me. I didn’t have fun(not that I was there for me but you get it) and I didn’t really learn anything. I guess I’m just good at complaining so……I guess you have to put up with it. So there.

I just got an email from Andres. He said that he can’t come to CIY because his company is definately going to Sweden. He leaves on the sixteenth or something. Anywho…..that sucks because I was really hoping on seeing him. Bummer big time!! So I guess we’ll see when he can come down. Somewhere in the back of my head it says “oh he doesn’t really want to come down here……he’s just dragging you along.” And then I think “what does that get him?” I mean it’s not like it’s helping him being over there. Is it? Am I being blind to this whole thing? I don’t know. But I do know that I love him and I can’t stop.

I just read “Secret Window, Secret Garden,” by Stephen King. It’s what the movie with Johnny Depp is based on. And let me tell you if you saw the movie DON’T read the book. It stunk. Maybe it’s just that I can’t grasp Mr. King’s writing. I just don’t like to read fake stuff. (I know books are all made up but this is just bizzarre stuff he writes about!) I have to believe that this could happen and I kinda can but than again I kinda can’t… there.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heres an example of when i disagree with javier. last night when he was talking about the gay people. I’m not saying its right or anything, but i dont believe that we should just like stay away from them like it is a desease. But thats just me.
    One more question. Where exactly do you get your hair color from? you sadi you can get it for like $3 a box? I know its somewhere at the flea market, but where and at which one?

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