“The best day of your life will start with a morning.”  Something I read in some magazine!

   Can you believe it’s Tuesday already. Wow. The weekend went fast. There was soooo much going on. Dad came down on Friday so we all scrambled to clean the house. I took the couch out of my room and “retired” it to the garage. For those of you who had seen it (think SuperBowl party ’04) it was definately time for it to go bye-bye!
   This past Sunday I totally tuned out Mark while he was preaching. I have been disagreeing with him more and more in his sermons so this week while he was preaching I wrote down all the verses I had memorized from years past. As it turns out, it’s not that many. Well I know alot(heehee) I just don’t know where there found. I guess I should read my bible while Mark teaches?! Does anybody else disagree with some things Mark says? I know that not everybody is going to agree or disagree with him at times. I’m just rambling!
   We cooked out on Sunday with Adams grill. The first thing out of Adams mouth is that he has to scrape off the FIESTA part of the grill because it’s a spanish word and we can’t have anything to do with them.
   After I took Candy to work at five and got everything loaded up in our cool new cooler and into the truck we took off for Kissimmee lake front. We got there around seven thirty and after we unloaded all our baggage, and believe me we had baggage!, mom and I went walking around. There wasn’t nearly as many booth’s as last year and we were truly dissapointed!
   It started raining while we were walking and mom and I didn’t really care because we weren’t going to melt. While were walking some guy asks us if we want to buy his umbrella for five bucks. Weirdo! And then a security guard talks to us about how we’ve gotten wet. (Here’s your sign!) Anywho… were like yeah, heehee. When we get back to our space which is now occupied by wimps hiding under a tarp!!!! I realize that our shirts have gotten so wet that moms shirt is showing through! She has this shirt on that has diagonals on is in different colors and white is right where her chest is and you can see through it. I was like “ah ha, that’s why everyone was talking to us!”
   Not that I ever had a doubt in my mind but the firework display showed me how stupid Florida really is!! They had the fireworks too close to the people and the ash and some fire was raining down on us!! Not cool! Mom jumps up and stands behind us in case we have to run for it.(I dont’ know why!) It was funny watching people run and scream…..heehee!

Well I guess that’s all I have to say about that!!     Oh guess what….not that your actually guessing anything…..I dyed my hair orange. Not all of it but streaks of it. I think it looks cool. It’s a bit bright but it’ll go down after I wash it! Well I love You ALL



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  1. Anonymous says:

    about the mark thing yea i disagree wiht him sometimes. It seems tho i disagree wiht javier more. like when we went to camp he as telling me my mom called him sking how we were getting there because of the whole lunch thing and he was like being smart wiht her. i mean, sometimes yea she can be over protective, but thats her job. its not like she has 5 kids. if she loses me then thats it. j/k. but still, i;m her pride and joy in life. i mean, i hurt myself on a gate in the office and she spazed becuase she “let me get hurt” so…… i’ll see u tonight

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