“So Sweet, So Beautiful…….Everyday like a queen on her trone!” Who has not heard that song. Aicha from Gellie Man. This video rocks. If you haven’t seen this you better go to ebaumsworld.com. Good times.

 I’m going to copy Johns way of talking about camp instead of writing paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of stuff like some people(Steph!).

Sunday: Hectic and oh soooo long
Monday: Aicha was introduced to me. Steph got sticky and gooey.
Tuesday: Counselor hunt was fun hiding with Steph and Nils. Watched Aicha again. And again. Can’t get enough of it.
Wednesday: Simulation night; me a jewish secret agent! Crazy, hunh?
Thursday: I was a ditzy guide on persecution night. Nils was fun watching and hearing him say come check out these hot babes!
Friday: Last day! Whoooo! I finally have all the girls names memorized and I get to baptize Kristen. Awesome. Ingie left without us and we didn’t get back to the church till six thirty

On Saturday I had to wake up early to go to church. Candy, Kate and I had to practice for Sunday worship. I was sooo nervous getting up there but I think I did ok. Everybody I talked to said it was good. I guess I should believe them but maybe it’s a huge conspiracy against me. Who knows?

Sunday I had to wake up at seven to get ready for church. I went through so many outfits. Nerves! I hate them! I went to bed after lunch. At eight thirty I went to the church for our Wired Warriors thingy. Somewhat exciting. I’m glad I went. I got to go to bed at three am. Mom woke up everybody at seven fifty. Javier stayed up all night playing HALO.

Today I went over to Javiers with him. He went to bed and I watched Mady. We went outside and played with the dog alot. I didn’t want to wake him up.
I missed writing on this site. I hate it that I don’t have a computer at home. But hopefully we will get one this next weekend.
I love you all


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