Man alive, can you believe it’s already June ninth? Does anyone know who’s birthday is today???? Maybe you will after you read the quote of the day!!!      “Take what you can….Give nothing back!”   If you don’t know yet you are one sad human being!!!! It’s Johnny Depp of course. He turned the big 4-1 today. Can you believe that he is that old!?!? He sure doesn’t look it. And he’s got little little kids. Two to be exact!

Today on tv I’ve been watching the Ronald Reagan funeral. It has been awesome! The way Nancy put her head on the casket yesterday and today when she was getting on the plane and she turned around and waved….man I almost cried. It was that great. I’m glad he’s dead but I’m not. Know what I mean? I mean this: he had alzheimers so it’s a great blessing for him and his family that he’s finally in heaven. But it sucks to have to lose someone soooo cool and what a great president! I was born when he was in the White House. Isn’t that groovy? I thought it was. David Adam was born during his presidency as well. Grooviness!!

I was checking my email hoping for an email from Andres and I got one. He said that he did get the dates for CIY and everything I sent him via email but he thinks that he has to go to Sweden from the sixth till the twentieth. I hope he’s lieing and he doesn’t know. I kinda hope he’s teasing me and he’ll show up. I don’t think he would do that though. I mean he’s a really romantic guy but that’s kinda extreme. Anywho…..he gave me his phone number so I will be calling him tomorrow to talk things over with him. Please pray that he doesn’t have to go to Sweden and he can come with us to CIY!!!!! I want to see him sooooo bad. I really really really miss him.

Well did I already talk about Harry Potter three? I don’t think so, so here’s what I have to say: BAD, VERY BAD. I hated it. The book is great so if you haven’t read the book please go and read it because it is awesome!!!

 I love You ALL



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