“I swear………”     Just a tiny itsy bitsy piece of Eminem’s song My Band. Do you guys thing my language is bad? We were at the softball championships last Monday and it seemed that everytime I would say something mom would elbow me and say(loudly) watch your language. Implying that I was using language I shouldn’t. I mean sometimes I say MoFo and Mother Trucker but I’m not saying the actual things. Isn’t that better?

 I just dropped Candy and John off at the school so they could go to their senior meeting. They have one tomorrow as well. Oh the life of a chauffer! Oh man on the way to the school I let Candy drive and I saw my life pass before my eyes! (Not because of her bad driving) We were about halfway through Poinciana Blvd. and this big Rooms to Go truck came over the line. And I MEAM CAME OVER THE LINE! All the way over the yellow line. I didn’t scream, I just gasped loudly. We didn’t get hit obviously because if we were hit I would be dead because I was sitting in the middle and there is no airbag! John kept telling me that I over-react to things but man there was no over reacting here! I don’t think he saw it because he just jumped a little. It scared the crap out of me!

 Tomorrow morning after dropping the seniors(finally John!) off at their meetings mom and I are going to the house expo show thingy over at the Silver Spurs Arena. Mom’s quite excited and so am I. We’ve never been to one so it’s kinda cool. Then in the afternoon I’m going to a car wash. I can’t wait. I hope everyone is there that is going! Last time there was only three people in the morning. It was fun but hard work and if you know me I HATE hard work.

Did you guys watch The Bachelor last night. My family has become addicted with the show and tonight was a two hour girls tell all special. Superb! I loved it! I can’t wait for the next one which is the finale. It’s going to be a good one. I think I know who it is going to be but who really knows except him and the girls? Well if you are not watching this show I think that you should because it is good.

Well theres my life for the week. Who knows when I’ll write again.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    i dont think it sbad but see, my mom wouldnt let me call freckels freckers so.. my mom influenced me. like i dont think mother trucker is too good, but i dont see a problem woht any of the others. just to let u kno. have fun. see u soon i hope. <><Stef

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