“Stacie’s mom has got it goin’ on……”  Have you noticed they haven’t played that song in awhile? I have…and I miss it. That was hilarious. Did you ever listen to the words? Great lyrics!!     So it’s been like eons since I’ve written. I just haven’t been able to get to a computer. Sorry…. I have been busy. We had a car wash Friday for fun…….HeeHee(to those who know!) 
    I can’t believe summer is just about upon us. Isn’t it amazing how time flies whether or not your having fun or not?!? I mean when Candy went to prom it felt like we had just gone to prom last year! Can you believe it? Man, it’s crazy.

 I can’t believe camp is almost here as well. Keli and I are way excited. Were camp buddies! Hey and Lindsay is coming back….YEAH! What a blast year was. I hope this year will be great even though some little tykes are coming along who are sooooo immature and slow!!!!!(just kidding steph!)

 I love You All

GOD LOVES YOU(don’t forget it!)


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    im really getting sick of the whole immature comment thing. im not immature and im not stupid! so people need to quit saying it!!!!! !

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey!!!! i’m not immature!!!! jk. i kno u were only joking wiht me unlik eother ppl *cough kayte cough* just kidding. i love u!!! it will be a blast dont worry!!! i’ll make sure of that. and guess wut? we have a week at camp, then a week or 2 or sumrthin off then its off ot C.I.Y.!!!! r we gonna room together a gain?? hehe h.e.double hocky sticks holly!!!! hehe!!! i love u!!!! <><Stef

  3. Anonymous says:

    im not slow either. (took me awhile to see that one. lol. hehe!!!!) lovew u mean it hehe im windy!!!!! i relle do love u tho!!! Stef

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