“Test…Test….This is a Test……”    That’s from Test, the wrestler. Great man. He was going to marry Steph McMahon but on the eve before the wedding Triple H and Al Snow drugged her and took her to a drive thru chapel and got hitched therefore ruining Test’s life.         Man I love WWE. If you are a complete loser and don’t know what that means it stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It used to be WWF for World Wrestling Federation. When we lived in the states, eons ago, we used to watch WWF on Sunday afternoons while mom and dad took a nap. I remember the old announcer and everything. I can remember when the Undertaker was purple and Pall Bearer used to come out with him all the time. Man the good old days!  

 I told you that I have all these tapes well I finally finished No Way Out and SummerSlam 2000. Well yesterday I finished watching SummerSlam 2002. Great times there. It was an awesome year. In 2002 HBK(Heartbreak Kid) came back and Triple H, who was his friend, knocked him out and told him that he was never his friend. He only used him to get to the top just like the HBK used Triple H to stay at the top! It was great. The drama, the suspense, the action. Super-de-duper. I still have to watch my other tapes but I’ll keep you informed when I do. 

I Love You All



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