Quote of the day: “Take this site. Shine it up real nice! Shine it up some more. Now you can turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy a**.”     Sorry about the profanity guys but that quote rocks. I kinda stole from John because he used the Rock’s saying. I’ve been watching No Way Out 2002 and SummerSlam 2000. My older brother let me borrow his tapes of said events and about six others. So my days are spent checking out the wrestlers and how tight their tights got! Like just yesterday I watched GoldDust perform and I had never before seen him fight. I think he might be Kane but as a different disguise. Who Knows?             Today I switched banks. Quite exciting I think. I was at Suntrust but that bank sucks. (Sorry to anyone who still has an account there!) They were charging ridiculous amounts for fees and crap and they were always putting my account on hold. No reason….they just did. One time I was there and the teller was like I don’t know why it’s on hold! I was like well take it off then! Jeez……

 So after that John and I went into town taking my mom some yummy McDonalds.  We ate lunch with her then we went to Sally’s to check out there bleach kits and colors. I’m going total red for CIY(maybe camp) with some orange/pink highlights. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.  My mom thinks I should quite dyeing my hair but it is my hair and I like dying. Besides I pay for everything and it is my hair(did I say that already?)……

 Well our computer is ka-poo-ey! We had to re boot it but now the only thing that comes up is DOS….

 Ya’ know I’ve been really crabby this past year. I think in part to my breakup with you know who……but a friend of mine came up to me and called me on it and I was like “Wow!” I had no idea. So recently I’ve been friendlier to people that I can tell and everyone’s like “hi!” and it just seems everyone is nicer. Don’t know if that’s true or not but oh well. 

I love you All



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