Wow…Can you believe it? It’s the next day and I’m writing another weblog….”Everyone in the club gettin tipsy!”   That’s from a song that is quite catchy. It’s all the time on the radio. I like to listen to the radio… down…..volume all the way up along with the bass and treb! I like my music…I remember in Indiana one winter when I was living with my surrogate parents(long story…) I was driving the Mitsubishi Outback (’99, leather interior, fully loaded, complete with seat warmers!). It was quite cold I remember and I had this CD I wanted to hear so we opened all the windows, the sun roof and the moon roof! I think I had the heater on full blast but what an awesome feeling! Good Times…..Back in the Day!

 Ya know what I hate? I hate it when people say there going to do something and don’t do it. Know what I mean…..I have this friend up in Indiana that says she’ll be able to do something and then something comes up. Something always comes up when she says she’s going to do something with me. Oh well I guess….Se la vie. (I think that’s my new cool phrase!)

 Not alot going on with me. I’m having some issues with my yahoo email. It keeps on sending things back to me saying that there undeliverable when I know that the email address is right! Anybody having these kinda issues? Tell Me Please! I am about to have a cow. Not cool.

 Well I love You All




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