Hey guys….Long time no write!…..Let’s see if I can dredge through my memory for a quote. “I, Jack, the pumpkin king…..” From the movie The Nightmare before Christmas.  I’m sorry it’s been so long. Our computer is still down so I can’t check this everyday and add stuff. Sorry again. Maybe some of you like the fact that I can’t write everyday. Oh well and poo to you.     Ok let’s see the week was fine since Tuesday…..I think. I really can’t remember. Ok, on Friday I woke up early because I couldn’t sleep all night. We went to the airport at like ten even though our plane didn’t leave until one thirty pm. At the airport, security was ridiculous. We had to take off our shoes and everything. I miss the good old days when you could just hurry through. Dang! Those terrorists!!!!        Our plane left on time so we got to Indiana at two thirty(since time didn’t change there!). My new aunt(my uncles 6th!!! wife) picked my dad and me up. We met my uncle and went to his new house. A groovy looking log cabin. His old house burnt to the ground.       I called my friends Amber and Michelle to get me out of the hicks and they obliged by picking me up and seven thirty and taking me to Michelles swanky apartment by the college. We all spent the night together watching a movie and we all fell asleep during it. It was sooo cold in the room that I couldn’t sleep at all.  So there’s another night of sleep down the drain!      Saturday Michelle’s boyfriend took me to my grandmas house at nine thirty. I sat with her all day and talked to her until my dad got there at two thirty. We ate some and then left at like six or six thirty that night.  We then proceeded to go to my grandma Rita’s house an hour away. When we got there we had to get some trunks out of the shed and put them in the truck. We did that and then grabbed an old end table that my grandma wanted my mom to have. We loaded everything and then went inside to eat some good lasagna. We went to bed and I slept with my grandma, Lane and Kaylee. NOT a peaceful night! I don’t think I slept two hours. If Lane wasn’t wanting a drink it was Kaylee switching sides and elbowing me. Oh Well….Se La Vie!       So we woke up at five thirty and we said our goodbyes and left. Long day. We stopped a few times to gas up and eat something. (Oooooh! Cool thing….we stopped at McDonalds and I got a happy meal and I got a little dog thingy. So cute!)     So we got home at eleven and and mom and candy had just left to take adam to college at ten forty five. So I waited up for them to get home and as soon as they did I went to sleep……I slep till nine the next day. Yeah……Then Monday I went through the containers (three out of four were mine!) and threw alot of stuff out. I mean alot. I found alot of stuffed animals and clothes that I had forgotten about. So I’m pretty much done except the big pile of stuff in the hallway by my bedroom door. Yup I’m a procrastinator. Too bad…….Good thing about trip to Indiana. I got like seven tapes of wrestling. No Way Out, and Summer Slam for a few years and Wrestlemania 2000. Great year for Wrestling. The Rock was still in his prime. So anytime you guys want to come over for a wrestling night please feel free to call me and come over to watch Chyna’s pants almost fall off while taking down Eddie G. and the Hardy Boyz taking on the Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian (when they were hotties!) in a triple threat ladder match…….Well I’ve written enough today…..Oh one more thing Last night I was going to take an allergy pill to make me sleep but mom and dad told me take some NightQuil (I did have a fever) but I didn’t sleep no forty winks last night. It didn’t make me sleepy it made me awake. So there we go….Holly’s oh so fabulous weekend. Yeah for me and YEAH for you if you actually read all this….You are my true fans! I love you all. You can say you knew me when……yeah right….I’m ending this……I love ALL you little people…..HOLLY


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Little people?!!? just kidding. i love u to holly. and i always will. and remember”H E doulbe hockey sticks Holly” lol much love now and forever <><Stef

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