Saturday. Wow. Been awhile. Um quote…let’s see…..”That voice sounds familiar.”  It’s from Walking Tall. A movie with The Rock in it. I went and saw it Sunday night after bible study. I didn’t get home till late but it was worth it.     Umm….I’m not going to say anything unlike John who blabbed the whole movie plot out on his xanga site. Good going buddy.      I’m at the library now and I’m typing fast so I can get this done with so I can go pick up my mom and brother and then go to his football game. I know though that when I type fast it annoys some people(Candy!). So it’s kinda hard.    I’m at the library because our crappy computer is acting up. It will not log onto the internet at all. It won’t even sign on or dial up. Crappo!!! I hate our computer very much. I wish I had a laptop.  Well I have to go but I wanted everyone to know that I am still alive…….Love You All      HOLLY


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