Hey y’all…..”This is the happiset week of my life. No this is!” My quote of the day from a popular sitcom that was on years ago called Dinosaurs. If you have never seen this show let me know and I will let you borrow one of our tapes. This particular episode is from a drug issue show. The dad and two kids were eating the “happy plant.” It got them in alot of trouble but it had a good moral: Just Say No To Drugs!      Anywho……I feel bad for Nils having to sit an hour or more with the prez of FCC. Too bad so sad………A couple days ago we got a package for a neighbor that is never home. (If you were at Candy’s birthday party you know which neighbor. The one next to us.) He only comes home on weekends because he works in Miami. So mom and I brought his package over to him today while he was outside and then we had to see his house because I had never seen it. To tell you right now: the man is gay!! He can decorate great! His house looks brand new and when he got it, it looked like crapo.      He came over to our house to look at it since he hasn’t been over and he was telling us little decorating advice and stuff. We changed furniture around and moved some painting and things. I think it looks better. I don’t think mom does.         Since mom didn’t have to work today we cleaned our house(and organized). We had dust on our shelves that just had to be taken down today! I told mom that we could wait until next year’s spring cleaning. She didn’t go for it. Oh well. So I had to stand on a ladder and vacumm the dust off the top. I almost fell a few times. It was actually quite funn because I’m still feeling a little tipsy from the sickness and it made me feel like I was closer to the ladder than what I was. Weirdness!  So our house is clean. Yipee. I guess.        Ummmm….I haven’t started counting down days or anything till I go up to Indiana yet. That’ll probaly start Monday or tomorrow. If you didn’t know and I haven’t told too many people but I am going to fly up ti Indy with my dad to pick up a truck and then drive it down. We’ll only be gone the weekend but that’s cool I guess. I’ll at least be going up there.  So I guess I am going to go turn on the tv…..or maybe I’ll take a bath…..or maybe I’ll read a book….gosh I don’t know what to do!?!?      Love Ya All       HOLLY


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  1. Anonymous says:

    holly, i used to watch that show all the time!! It was sooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! Can I pleaz pleaz pleaz borrow the tape some time??
    See ya tonight I hope,

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