Hey All, Long time…no write! Ok, quote of the day: “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love Youuuuuuuuuuu!” Whitney Houston in her fabulous movie Bodyguard which also start Kevin Costner. It’s a great song. I went out and bought the soundtrack not long after I saw the movie…..So I guess I’ll write about today’s adventures….Well I’ll start with what I’m thinking right now.      I don’t know how many people know this but right before Thanksgiving my fiance of almost two years broke up with me citing that we wouldn’t work things out.  I cried a little…ok I cried alot….I thought my life was over.    But God works in mysterious ways and I think I was really obsessed with being engaged. It was my life and Andres was the only person there for me. During this time I became more closer to God. I started back praying every single day instead of some times when I would remember.        Well loe and behold a few weeks ago I get an email from him saying that he wants to talk and he made a big mistake by breaking things off. Fast forward a week or two and you’d find me at home with mom and candy when the phone rang. Guess who? It was Andres and I talked to him for awhile. I told him that we really needed to talk in person because I wanted to know right where he stood with God and I felt that we needed to do that in person. He told me he would buy me a plane ticket to Germany or he would try to take time off and fly over here.      (Believe me: This was a tough choice….and to those that helped me thank you very much!)       Finally I reached the conclusion that he needed to come over here because I didn’t want to seem like I was running to him……and secondly I knew there would be major temptations that I didn’t want to come up.      So right now were waiting for him to get the ok to come down here but he didn’t know when. So were emailing now almost once every few days.   I’m really excited becasue I have never stopped loving him. I don’t know if it’s sappy or what but whatever. Our Lord God is sooo amazing. I’m so glad I’ve chosen to believe in HIM!!        Thanks for listening…well reading….to my ramblings.   


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