Since it’s the same day I’m not going to bore you with another quote but if you read tomorrows there will definately be one.      Since I didn’t write since Friday I’ll tell you what’s been happening. Sunday I went to church and came home. I think me, Adam and John played GTA 3 all day. We went to 2:42(I miss calling it TAG!) and then mom, me and Adam went to Walmart where we proceeded to buy Adam some clothes that fit him.     After dropping him off at his dorm mom and I went home where we quickly went to sleep.  The next morning Javier picked me up at his usual time(LATE) and I went over to his house to watch the girls. Un-eventfull day.    Monday night I drive the girls into town to meet Javier at Sonny’s for a quick supper and then it’s off to the ballpark. I rode with Joanne over to the ballpark but first we had to stop at Target and buy Joanne some clothes because Javier forgot to bring any for her. When we got to the ballpark at like thirty after the hour(my mom hates it when I tell time like that!) the other game was finishing. It was a sad loss for them I’m sure. Our team played really good but we still lost….by like one. So I took Javiers car home because he had an elders meeting the next day and I can drive……….so when I made it home Javier had called and mom told me that he said I could just spend the night. So I packed my stuff and went over there. I stayed up till eleven I think waiting for Mady to go to sleep so I could as well. (I sleep on the couch.) The next day I woke up at eight thirty surprised that the girls weren’t up and I went to the bathroom. As soon as I am done Mady wakes up and I’m changing Mady’s diaper when Taylar walks in the room. So we all got up at the same time…..I think we watched Finding Nemo. Can’t remember…… That night(Tuesday) I had to babysit Julie and Jason’s kids because they had a “date.” So at like four forty five Javier drove me over and Julie gave me all the instructions that moms give babysitters and she left. Javier calls like a half an hour later and asks if he can bring the girls over so I can watch them at the football game. I said fine and they came over at six. We had some pizza and we watched Lion King 1 1/2. Pretty funny…wasn’t expecting it to be.     Javier picked the girls up at eight thirty….he scared Taylar with Jake(the Whitings dog) and they left. The other girls went to bed at nine thirty while I watched High School Reunion. Not a bad sitcom if I do say so myself.  After that I watched king of queens and Jason and Julie got home at like eleven fifteen……..I was tired. I slept on the air mattress in the front room and I woke up at seven forty five. I took a shower and waited for Javier to come. He said he would come at eight. He is ALWAYS late!! Always….it never fails. So I’m waiting and I’m talking to Julie and she gets a phone call at eight fifteen. I said “it’s Javier.” Sure enough it was. He wanted me to start walking so I set forth on my journey and I didn’t even make it to the end of Marquis when he zoomed by.   Um…..the rest of the day was uneventfull until around one when Holly’s tummy wasn’t feeling so good. There was definately a rumbly in there. I have debated coming tonight to youth group but I am coming. I cannot let the kids down!!! So Javier came home at three thirty and took me home. I took an hour nap and that actually made me feel quite refreshed. I’m looking at the clock and I really need to take off so I’ll write more tomorrow if I remember…….Oh one more thing. If you love foreign films(which I do!) you totally need to see Run Lola Run….It’s a Germany film that won an award at the Sundance Film Festival..It’s in Germam with subtitles…Gotta see it         Love You All       HOLLY


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