Quote of the day: “Pull that pluggy on the pink thingy!” I actually said it….yesterday at the beach. Candace and I got up at five am because we had to take my dad to work and then we took the truck to the beach. Clearwater….it’s the only one we go to. We have a “spot.” I don’t know how we find it everytime but God leads us everytime. When we got there at around eight thirty we took our two coolers(with sandwiches and bottled water), our basket(with blanket, towels, sunscreen, a watch, a pink floatie, and three books), and change to put in the time thingy. We put a few hours worth in and then we went to put everything down….We did and then we sat down and read our books.  There was like maybe two other people on the whole beach…we read for quite awhile but then I had to go to the bathroom. After I did my business I went to the gas station right next to where we were and tried to get some change. The guy said that he couldn’t give me any change but there was a change machine across the street. So wandering aimlessly I finally found it and got some change. I put the change in and went back to Candace. We “buttered” each other up and then went back to reading while trying not to get run over by the sand comber thingy……It was getting quite close. After awhile we went swimming and boy was it cold. Way cold. Colder than the Copp’s pool(Julie’s parents!).          We read some more had some lunch and read some more. We went back in the water and had some fun…..We didn’t see any sharks or dolphins but we did see some guy swimming. It reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer swims in the East River. It was hilarious.         Well traffic was sooooo ridiculous on the way home it took like three hours. Stop and Go. Stop and Go. Stop and Go. Horrible.        Then last night I went to Sonny’s with Nils, Candy, Adam and Drew. We had a blast. Afterwards Nils drove us all back to my house and we watched Wrestlemania. Nils smiled a few times at it. Well truely exciting…..Oh back to my quote…..I told Candy that when we were getting ready to go….HOLLY


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