Hey Y’all…..”You sexy baby…..you drive me crazy!”    HeeHee. It’s from a song. Which is in Night at the Roxburry. Which is the, and I mean it, greatest movie of all time. Chris Kataan, Will Ferrel, Molly Shannon, and Loni Anderson….Doesn’t get any bettter. Yeah it does. Don’t be fooled. There are some out there that must be named: NILS, that do not like this film. They would be losers. This is a movie you can watch over and over and over and over…..well you get the point. This music makes me want to get up and dance. I love dancing….I just wish that I was good at it!        Tomorrow Candy and I and maybe someone else are going to the beach. We are leaving early because I have to take my dad to work. He has to be there at like five thirty. So right after that we are leaving for Clearwater. I cannot wait. It has been almost a year since I went to Clearwater last. And boy was that hilarious!        I went with Kate, John, and Candy. We were out wading in the water when I saw fins in the water(and if you know me I am petrified of sharks!!!). So first thought to my mind is “SHARKS!” (I didn’t scream that if that’s what your thinking….well at least not out loud!) So my big butt ran, as fast as I could, out of the water and out to dry land. I may have made a record there, don’t know. Well I was standing on the beach and all the other guys are still out there in the water when I hear some tourists talking about the dolphins out there in the water!!! Silly me…..they were dolphins not sharks. So slowly and as cool as I could I walked back out to where they were all still standing and wading. Didn’t feel very cool after that……That was also the day a seagull snatched a chip of my dair-e-air! Another story….another time!!!     I love You All     HOLLY


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