Quote of the Day: “Anxious…aren’t you?” Lord Farquod in Shrek……Were watching it today since Mady and Taylar are over. Some people are looking at the house today. Hopefully they will like it and buy it.       Today was PlayDate for kids. I took the girls to Chik-Fil-A and had a blast. Had a little lunch, played a little….got down tonight. Heehee.  There were only four other moms there. Not bad I guess.     We stayed for about two and a half hours and then left. We stopped by Javier and Joannes new house. The walls are up so that was quite exciting…..I guess. On Pleasant Hill there was an overturned dump truck and that made us take some time there. We must have been there for over twenty minutes. Both girls fell asleep and by the time I got to my house they were still konked out. When I stopped they both woke up…those brats!       They haven’t gone back to sleep so they’ll be grouchy when mommy and daddy come get them.       So that brings us back to being at my house watching Shrek.            OK to go back a few days to the all night prayer vigil. Adam, me, and John stayed there till morning. I got there about three thirty and they got there at four thirty and beyond. At about seven or seven thirty Adam, John and me were sitting around on our own chairs with a chair in the middle with all our feet on them. We had a container full of salted nuts eating them away. It was great. Cyndi Baker helped us eat them while she waited for David to finish praying.       We played Clue(which John had never played before) and Monopoly(which Javier kept on saying I was cheating but I wasn’t. He was just trying to tick me off!!). We played Scrabble but me and Adam were the only good players. Drew and John kept on trying to make stupid words and they didn’t know how to play.             Adam had eleven cups of coffee and John and I had Ginger Ale. (I have never peed so much in my life!!) At about five or six in the morning we found ourselves by ourselves sitting exactly how we were sitting at the begining of our time together. We each had our own chair and we all had our feet on one chair. And you guessed it we were passing around the peanuts!   Good times. Though that morning when Paul Wasmun(who was the last to pray) came we told him to blow out the candles an we left. Only to sleep an hour and go right back to church……..Man alive I was tired. I sat through service with mom while David Adam slept through it in the youth room. Afterwards mom told me I could’ve slept too….Yeah right. That would have been useful info at the begining of the service.   Anywho…I’m very sorry for not writing since last Wednesday. I love YOU ALL       HOLLY


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