“The first prize goes to the vampires for most blood drained in a single evening!” From the ever wonderful mind of Tim Burton: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is one of my fave’s. Tim Burton is sooo great. His movies have this wonderful dark morbid feeling. The movie is about Jack the pumpkin king wanting to fit in with his “group.” But he ventures off and steals Christmas from Santy Clause. It’s great. Great songs and great claymation. This was one of the first movies that had claymation and they had over a thousand different faces and masks for the main people.         Today was not a interesting day. I guess nothing exciting happened to write about. Ummmm…..Taylar and Mady and me had a very un-eventful day. Taylar and I played Toy Story Memory game while Mady took her morning nap. I won because of default but I was winning anyway. Taylar loses interest in things quickly. It takes us a long time to clean her room because if I ask her to pick up one thing she has to play with it…..Well that’s all…..HOLLY


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