Quote of the Day: “You are a flagalating butthead!” From Scrooged. Good times……dad’s watching it now as is Candy….I’m kinda watching it since I’m on the computer.     I’ve been reading this book called What to do Until Love Finds You. This book is great. I just started to read it last week and I’m almost done. It talks about how we should wait and what to find in a mate. It is super-de-duper great! I thought it was soooo good I wrote the author and told her what a wonderful thing it was and how blessed I was that I read it.       If your waiting for your mate or even if you have them…..you should read this.           Today I watched Don Juan DeMarco which Johnny Depp stars in. It isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t tell you to just go out and rent it but it is good.  Well that wasn’t that exciting was it??????  I guess if your reading this you’ll have to wait until tommorrow and something exciting happens(not promising tomorrow andything exciting will happen)!!!! HOLLY


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