Quote for Frida: “What is bravery….let me clarify this.” A classic movie gave me the inspiration for todays quote. If you like Don Knotts then you most definately know what movie it comes from. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. One of his best! Right up there with The Shakiest Guns in the West.                   Nils has wanted to start a bible study on the Sunday’s that Javier doesn’t have one and tomorrow will be the first day of it. We’ve decided to call it G.A.Y. God and Youth. Pretty snazzy, right? Candy came up with it. Nils wants to talk about passages that are difficult to understand and such. Hopefully we will all enjoy it. I’m really excited about going.                Today mom and I were running errands around town and on the way home we stopped by one of places that models to look at. Model houses that is! It was for Cambridge homes. There were four houses to look at and we must have spent over a half an hour looking at them all. We were enjoying the way it was designed and how they had the furniture placed and all. It was way fun……I love looking at models.    Well I’m sure today was not as exciting as all my other entries! HOLLY


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