“What if this is as good as it gets?” Quote from my dad’s favorite movie: As good as it gets. We just watched last night……..we only do because he likes it.           Have you ever thought what if thisis as good as it gets? I mean wouldn’t that be the saddest thing in the world? Just living life as if that was it. Well good thing that isn’t how it is. Us Christians have the wonderfulness of going to heaven when we die so we know that life isn’t the end. But isn’t it weird thinking of our bodies as vessels? Whenever somebody says that I always feel weird. Know what I mean? It makes us seem like aliens or something, doesn’t it? I mean were flying around in our “vessels.” It puts a smile on my face. (I’m smiling!)                   Candace is watching Back to the Future and I’m noticing how any cuss words are in it. There are alot.  It’s weird how when you watch movies that you havne’t seen and then you watch them and you notice these things! Just pondering aloud…..well not really aloud….I don’t know what you would call that.         Thanks for reading this everybody who reads this!      HOLLY


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