Quote of the day for Wednesday: “How Bizzare!”  I’m not for sure the artists name but this song rocks. It comes from the CD SmashHits. It’s a collection of songs sung by different people! You gotta love that. I didn’t realize this when I bought the CD. It was just a cool CD that was only five bucks. I found out on the way home when I was listening to it. I bought it at this quaint little used CD/Video store. Tons of CD’s and videos and even some DVD’s. I used to go there at least once a week and see what was new. As soon as Elton John’s newest CD, Songs from the East Coast came out I was there at the store. Of course they had it but the lady didn’t want to get rid of it yet. So I waited a few days and went back and bought it. This store was soooo cool. All the CD’s were so fun to look at. They had some oldies. Like the B-52’s Lobster Rock CD. I almost bought it but it didn’t have Love Shack on it.  I think over my whole time going to that store I must have bought 20 or more CD’s. My collection is over one hundred and it varies from Christian to pop to Techno. I have everything. I’ve got Lynard Skynard and I’ve got LMNT. I have Michael W. Smith and Eiffel 67. There are so many CD’s I can barely decide on what to listen to when I take a bath or when I’m playing on the computer.         Well I guess that’s enough for one day.         HOLLY


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