Since I missed Monday since our computer crashed I’ll write it here as well as todays.  Quote for Monday: “He’s a disco-dancing-Streisand-listening-card carrying-friend of dorothy!” A magnificent quote from the all time best teen movie: Clueless.          I was thinking about gay people Monday. I remember working at Disney and all the gay people that worked there. They are some of the coolest people. I love how fun they are. When I was Mary Poppins at the Carousel my Burt, (his real name was Patrick……sssshhh! Don’t tell anyone!) was way gay. They treat you like a perso no matter what you are. They don’t care if your cute or ugly(unless your a guy) they treat you lie a human being. I do think it’s wrong that they are gay. I mean I know it’s wrong…..but if they have sex and they are not married that’s totally wrong. So I think they are totally sinning if they do have sex before marriage but being gay shouldn’t be shunned so much like it is. We need to draw them into church not rebuke them. Am I making any sense? I understand what I want to say in my mind and I hope it came out like I wanted  it to!                             New day   Quote of the day: “Totally based on my power of persuasion! You proud of me?”   Isn’t it grand when someones proud of us? And man alive isn’t it cool to persuade someone into something………not anything bad of course. I mean like fighting or arguing with someone and winning…isn’t that cool? I remember when I went to Teen Pact back in 2000 or maybe it was the end of 1999. I think it was 2000, but anywho….I stayed a day later and went to a debate calss put on by some of the teachers there. The first part of the day was all on the correct way and all that…..then at lunch we were given an item to have prepared either the affirmative or the negative. My friend, Taryn, and I were given the affirmative. Oh by the way the item was wether or not white bread was good for you. So we were fighting that white bread was good. (Little side note here: our teacher had told us that if a girl starts crying you will almost always win!) We were up against these two boys and they weren’t doing good. We had made up quotes and statistics from famous people like Dr. Mel Gibson and such. Had a blast……and then when it was Taryns turn to talk she got up and was answering questions from the other side and she started crying! Our teacher who was sitting in the front row slowing looked up at us to see if she was really crying or not and he started smiling. It was hilarious! We did win.      Another time I was debating something and loving it was when I was in college. I had this roommate who was from Jamaica and she had gotten some letter saying she had to have some paper by the end of school two weeks away. Well the paper wouldn’t come in till like five weeks or something so they were going to kick her out of school until……so I went with her to talk to her dean. I was nailing him with questions and crap and Camille(that was her name) kept on poking me telling me stop. We finally went to the President of the college and got an appointment with him. I argues everything and I believe the issue was resolved. But man it felt so good to do that!      So cool beaners and hope everyone has a gravy day!! HOLLY


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