Quote of the day: “Rubberband man….”   Very funny song. Tonight Cnady, me, dad, and mom went over to Bob and Brenda Copp’s house(Julie and Bobbi Jo’s parents). They have a pool and me, Candy, and dad went swimming. They said the temperature was like seventy  or something that cold. It was tons of fun. It got us reminiscing about Haiti and pools there. There was one hotel that was called Hotel Montana. It had the coldest water you could have. When you jumped in it was like a heart attack! Anyway we had a great time. After we got out dad, mom, Brenda and Bob played Uker(don’t know if that’s how you spell it or not!).                      I fell asleep today and had the weirdest dream ever. I dreamt that I got kidnapped and they put me underneath a boat. I had scuba stuff on so I could breathe. But there were dolphins swimming and all I saw was the fins and I thought they were sharks.  Interesting isn’t it? I guess I’ll quit now because mom and dad just put on Major League.   HOLLY


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