“It looks like you need a hero. I am that Hero!”            I know it’s been like months since I’ve written, well not months, days. I tried writing yesterday but our lousy computer shut down on me. Blah! But anywho….I am here today to write. Yeah. I guess it’s not that exciting since Candy is probaly the only person to read this. Well my mom will read it since she’s sooooo nosy! Does anybody else read this?        Doesn’t everybody like Veggie Tales? I remember the first video I saw. It was The Toy That Saved Christmas. With all those penguins and Nezzer Toy Factory. That was a great movie. Buzz Saw Lewey, what a toy. I want one for Christmas. Anywho…super! I loved it and would recomend it to anyone who doesn’t know what to check out from the church library go for a Veggie Tales movie. I hope everyone is doing well. I’m sure I’ll recieve a wonderful email from all of you too. Whatever, right?    HOLLY


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