“Memories….all alone in the moonlight….”   From the Broadway classic CATS. Wonderful adaption to movie that we have. So since I have that wonderful quote today I thought I would talk about some of my favorite memories. (I’m humming the song in my mind!)       Ok I’ll start off back when we left ofor Haiti. My best friends in the world threw me a going away party. They totally smashed this whole cake in my face….it was great!! Truely lovely friends.     This is one of my favorites becuase I was like the coolest kid in the youth group. Everyone knew me(oh yeah I was like 13…just turned) and I was sooo popular. I miss that alot. Isn’t that sad? I had a great time then…..we moved to Haiti! It was ok I guess except having our dog killed by Haitian morons and living right next to a voodoo witch doctor!!              Ok one of my next favorite memories……we(my family) were back on furlough and we were staying in Indiana. It was obviously summer time and we were helping out with our church’s VBS(Vacation Bible School!). I had a group of about fifteen, maybe more, kids with one helper. Talk about a good time! Oh to be worshiped, only like a leader can be, by little unsuspecting kids. There was one little girl who had braids in her just like mine. My mom braide my hair and oh how long it took!! Many hours of sitting down in front of her and having my hair pulled, tugged and everything else……good times…..What a cutie……Next memory(still humming along): Ok….many years have lapsed. Well not too many….It’s about 1999, the very begining of 2000. I’m at ISU and having somewhat of a good time.        We only dated for well… I think it was close to a year……We started dating in October of ’99 and I think we broke up before October the next year. So i guess I don’t know how long we dated. But anyway this is a great memory becuase Ryan(that’s his name) was the first guy I dated at ISU. I only dated one! He was such a great Christian guy who was such a romantic! For Valentine’s Day he told me that he had to work and I was ok with that. But on V-Day he showed up and surprised me with a rose and my Scooby pillow! It was sweet!           OK…next fave memory. Back in Haiti, only this time to spend Christmas. I brought along a friend but while we were there we did “glamour shots” and had a grand time. My hair was wonderfully long. I’m growing it out and I want it to be that long. My mom permed it that last summer and it was sooo cool.    The next favorite memory of mine would have to be my very first sort-of prom. I was in Crossroads Christian Academy and Prom wasn’t a high priority on their list of social activities.  So we all went to this Christian alternative to the prom. It was in the same place that the high school was in so I guess that was cool. All us gals went together with dates. Only four of us girls went to the school. And only one of the guys went to school with us. Anywho..more good times. I had a good time.             Next memory: I came down to visit mom and all down in Florida. I think, yeah, I had moved down here already and we had both gotten season passes to Universal Studios. We went to Island of Adventures like once or twice a week. This time I got to meet Cpt. America. I thought I looked pretty cool. Anywho…..here we go…..I think that’s a little embarassing but I have no shame!!  Ok I think I have only one more pic to share. Well at least today!          Guess what I just checked…..I have two pics not one. Ha!Ha!  This one is of me at AIT graduation. I have like six or seven bags on me. You can’t really tell it from the pic. I love this time becuase I’m done with it. I hated being there. Good times again!!! Ok….last photo……Tally. What a great memory.  Isn’t she the cutest!! Love You All     HOLLY


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