Hello, Hello, Hello,       Holly’s in the house!  Yo-Yo!  I’m trying to think of a new quote. I’ve been watching Shrek alot so I think I’ll quote from there. Okay here goes: “Can’t we settle this over a pint?” Good old Mike Meyers and his lovely humor.         I meant to write more yesterday but I ended up staying at Javiers house after youth group. The good times at Javiers house! When we got there Maddy went down(I mean to bed) and I got Taylar in her p.j.’s we all watched Shrek.     Now I am completely wiped out at this time. I had woken up early the day before even though I didn’t have to. So I’m really tired and I’m ready to grab a blanky, put my night mask on and cuddle on the couch and sleep. But I kept my eyes on the tv and watched this movie for the umpteenth time and I enjoyed just like I do everytime.         Now when Shrek first came out we were visiting my grandma Rita and we decided to go see it. We laughed so much and had such a good time that we decided to go the next night.   I love my movies!        Today I obviously woke up at Javiers house but man alive! Maddy woke up, I think Javier said, three times last night. Kids! Taylar woke up sometime during the night and walked to mommy and daddy’s room which in turn woke me up. Well Javier left early this morning and I was kinda sleeping kinda not when Maddy started to cry at eight oh one. So I got out of bed and got her and changed her diaper. And while I was changing that extremely soaked diaper Joanne walked in and scared the bajeebes out of me!            The day went well except Taylar being a tad bit bossy. Ya know I’m so happy to be watching these kids. I love being around them. I think I”ve taken so many pictures of them it’s ridiculous. I was joking around with someone(I can’t remember who) and said that I’ve taken more pictures of those kids than I’ll probaly take of my own when I have some!        Well……..I guess I’ve written my quota for today. I hope you guys haven’t gotten bored reading this.   HOLLY


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