New Quote of the day: “Take what ya’ can. Give nothing back!” Wonderful words from Johnny Depp playing Cpt. Jack Sparrow in the most magnificent movie ever made Pirates of the Carribean, Curse of the the Black Pearl.          One of the best Jerry Bruckheimer movies ever made. I think though you have to give a nod to Coyote Ugly and of course Gone in 60 Seconds.            When thinking of a quote of the day I look at our shelves that has all the movies on it and I pick a movie and think of a quote. Easy right? Well not exactly. It seems that as soon as I pick out a movie all words from the movie leave me. Gotta love that memory of mine.  Movies to me are almost as important as books are.         When we lived in Haiti we had two humungous bookshelves full of movies. I think we had almost five hundred movies. Wow! right. Movies in our family is like water to somebody in the desert.             It feels weird when other people don’t have the same enthusiasm about movies as we do. When I lived in Indiana with my surrogate famliy we had a routine on Sunday’s. We would get up go to church and Sunday School, go home and change into comfortable clothes and then decide on a place to eat. We would take along the paper with all the movie times and while we ate we would pick a movie to see. Every week we would watch a new movie. Sometimes on Friday night we would go and see a movie as well. So I knew all the movies and everything that was going on in the movie industry. I feel kinda bummed down here when I don’t have the money or the ride to go the movies. I mean how can you get over something that you did every week. I hate breaking addictions. Not that I’ve had any other addictions to get over. Except maybe my totaly obsession over Johnny Depp but hey who said I wanted to get over that!!!!  “Can you feel the love tonight?”  HeeHee.                So I don’t think there’s anything else you want to know about my movies and obsessions! Believe me I could go on and on and on and on and on and on……….       Believe me!       Well I hope you have had fun reading today’s little entry.    HOLLY


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