Quote of the Day:  “My name is Muerte!”               The whole day has been bad. Starting with this morning. My alarm clock is set for seven thirty three. I woke up at seven thirty two. That ticks me off so much. I hate waking up before the alarm goes off, don’t you? I got dressed, woke Candy, and Adam up and we left for church. My class was wild but not too bad. Service was fine until communion then something happened and the music stopped. Crazy.      “The gang” decided to go to the mall after church so when Kate said she would drive it was ok. We got picked up by Kate at one and then left to get John. We had Jorge with us and we had to get him something to eat before he played softball with the church league. So we stopped at Al’s pizza and John is telling us that this place has had health violations and all that. So me, Adam, and John opted to stay in the car and waited.               Kate wanted me to drive Connie while she ate so I drove to the ball fields and dropped Jorge off. I got on Osceola Parkway and was halfway to Main Street when the gas was feeling weird. The battery light came on and the steering wheel locked up. I told Kate something was wrong and I pulled onto a side road. I shut it off and tried to start it again and it started. It was fine so we took off again but it did that thing again so I pulled off again.      The battery thingy was loose so it needed a wrench. Noone was pulling off to help us so Adam crossed traffic to go to the gas station and ask to borrow a wrench. While we were there we saw a cop pass us on the other side of the street. He did a U turn and came and parked behind us. He didn’t get out of the car but he honked the horn. John and Kate went over to his passenger side and talked to him for a minute and then the cop left. Kate and John came back and told us he said that a battery wasn’t a major problem and we shouldn’t have tryed to flag him down!!!!   What a loser! Adam came back with a wrench borrowed from someone who was a very nice person. He tightened the thingy and took the wrench back. The van started and we were off. Everything was fine the rest of the way.        So in the mall we had lots of fun in Victoria Secret Beauty sampling all the lotions and new scents. Then it was off to find the boys and window shop. Tons of fun. Anywho…….were all at home getting ready to take Adam back to school and watching Undercover Blues.     Mom made taco salad and were all chilled. I’ll write more tomorrow. Love You All  HOLLY


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