Is it wrong to be scared to die? I know where I’m going when I die but the thought of being killed and dieing is scary to me. The other day I was taking a shower and noone else was home. Well I thought I heard a noise coming from inside the house so I stood by the door with my ear up against it to hear something. I couldn’t really hear anything but my mind kept playing scenario after scenario about a killer waiting right outside the bathroom door waiting for me to come out. I was almost to the point of crying I was so scared. I finally got the courage to come out of the bathroom and of course noone was there.   But the thought of actually dieing gets me! Just something I’ve been thinking of alot lately.                                                                                       On a different topic, today Candace and I went into town and walked around. We rode the bus all the way into Kissimmee and got off near Wachovia. I had to go to my bank so when we were through there we walked to Target and bought ourselves some Sobe’s. After that we went to KFC on Thacker and 192 and bought some lunch for us and our mom who works on Thacker. She works in the warehouse building where Terry’s Electric is. When we were done eating we walked to the bus stop right outside her office and rode it home.                                                                                                                  But while we were walking along 192 Candy and me were listening to our CD walkmans and singing along. We also both had done our hair really weird today. Candace had her hair in two ponytails in the front which we colored with blue gel. We used gold hair spray and did the back of her hair and added glitter as well. My hair was up in two pigtails with one strand dyed blue. The other strand was blonde and the other was sprayed red. It looked totally whack! It was fun watching people watch us. Me and Candace can have fun no matter what we do!


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